Scholarly Monograph 

Science, Language, and Reform in Victorian Poetry: Political Dialects. 

Routledge (The Nineteenth Century Series), 2019

Journal Articles

“Ecology and Epiphany in Short Fiction by Zadie Smith and Joyce Carol Oates.” Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities 3.2 (Dec 2022): 123-24. Link to PDF.

As second author, with Sera Mathew. “Building Dialogue in Feminist Classrooms: Building a Feminist Vocabulary.” Feminist Pedagogy 1.1 (2021). Link to PDF.

As first author, with Sera Mathew. “Building Dialogue in Feminist Classrooms, Part Two: Student-Generated Discussions Points.” Link to PDF.

“Queer Poetry and Darwin at the fin de siècle: Mathilde Blind, Constance Naden, and Laurence Hope.” Victorian Poetry 59.1 (Spring 2021): 97-118.

“‘Shattering’ and ‘Violent’ Forces: Gender, Ecology, and Catastrophe in George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss (1860).”  Victoriographies 11.1 (March 2021): 38-57.

“Deep Time and Epic Time in Alfred Tennyson’s In Memoriam (1850), Matthew Arnold’s Empedocles on Etna (1852), and Mathilde Blind’s The Ascent of Man (1884).” Nineteenth Century Contexts, 40.2 (May 2018): 115-131. PDF

“‘The Waterloo of Democracy against Despotism’: Chartist Internationalism and Poetic Repetition in the Labourer, 1847-48.” Victorian Periodicals Review 48.4 (Winter 2015): 511-530. PDF

“Gender, Language, and the Politics of Disembodiment in Aurora Leigh.” Victorian Poetry 53.3 (Autumn 2015): 243-262. PDF

“Speaking the Social Body: Language-Origins and Thomas Carlyle’s The French Revolution.” Journal of Victorian Culture 19.1 (May 2014): 79-92. PDF

Academic Book Reviews

Review of The Loudons and the Gardening Press: A Victorian Cultural Industry. By Sarah Dewis. Victorian Periodicals Review 48.2 (Summer 2015): 281-282. 

Review of The Poetry of Victorian Scientists: Style, Science, and Nonsense. By Daniel Brown. Victoriographies 4.1 (2014): 81-83. 

Review of Victorian Time: Technologies, Standardizations, Catastrophes. Ed. Trish Ferguson. Victorian Periodicals Review 46.3 (Fall 2013): 423-424. 

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