“A Bitch for the Rest of His Life” (short story) published in Southern Humanities Review

My short story, “A Bitch for the Rest of His Life,” has just appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of Southern Humanities Review! There’s an excerpt of the story on the SHR website (also linked below). I’ve admired this journal for a long time and am excited to have work in this issue. http://www.southernhumanitiesreview.com/543-barbara-barrow-a-bitch-for-the-rest-of-his-life.html

“Queer Poetry and Darwin…” just published in Victorian Poetry

My article on queer interpretations of Darwin in the poetry of Mathilde Blind, Constance Naden, and Laurence Hope has just appeared in Victorian Poetry. The article looks at how three late-Victorian poets uncovered queer possibilities in Darwin’s writings on nature, and is inspired by the work of the late Sam See. Here’s a brief excerpt! … Continue reading “Queer Poetry and Darwin…” just published in Victorian Poetry

Clare Beams, The Illness Lesson

The Illness Lesson is a quiet, eerie novel about a women’s school gone awry in nineteenth-century New England. Caroline is the adult daughter of Samuel Hood, an essayist and educator whose work has attracted some devotees, including David, a former soldier and Caroline’s crush, who comes to live with the Hoods and teach at their … Continue reading Clare Beams, The Illness Lesson


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I’m a literary critic, fiction writer, union officer, and Associate Professor of English. I wrote a novel, The Quelling (Lanternfish, 2018), and an academic monograph, Science, Language, and Reform in Victorian Poetry (Routledge, 2019). My research interests include women, gender, and sexuality, the environmental humanities, and critical feminist pedagogy.

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